Freshkon Maschera 1 day daily disposable
Freshkon Maschera 1 day color disposable
Freshkon Maschera 1 day contact lenses

Freshkon Maschera 1 day

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Free Delivery for minimum purchase of $50 Quantity Discounts Buy More, Save More 1- 3 boxes: $48.00 per box 4 -7 boxes: $43.20 per box 8+ boxes : $40.80 per box Deep down, there's a beauty hidden in every soul. Embrace and unveil that mysterious beauty in you and discover how amazing Maschera series can enhance your personality. Express it to the world with your eyes, and let your confidence shine through. Product Details: Replacement Schedule: Daily Lens Type: Beauty Base Curve: 8.5 Diameter: 14.2 Package: 30 pcs Material: Ethafilcon A Water Content: 58% Manufacturer: Freshkon Power range: - 0.00D (plano) -1.00D to -5.00D (0.25 steps) -5.50D to -8.00D (0.50 steps) UV Blocker: Yes Colour Options - Maschera Mauve Maschera Azure Maschera Honey Maschera Emerald Maschera Mocha Maschera Satin You may - Enter Prescription, Base Curve and Colors later (choose either one method to input your prescription and other details). # Prescription and other contact lens details can be added after placing order. *Select Qty >> Add to Cart >> Checkout >> Key in Delivery address >> Save and Continue >> Delivery Options >> Note for Seller (Key in the prescription and contact lens details) #WhatsApp or email your prescription and contact lens details to +65 80105251 or Please quote your Order number.